Human Resources

Job oppurtunities

Our Company's staff needs "to be implemented in public institutions and organizations in the Workers Received Regulation on Procedures and Principles" within the scope of the provisions of the Business Council of Turkey are covered by the channel.

In this context, the Company has the needed staff title, number and qualifications of Turkey was declared by the Employment Agency, applications are accepted by the aforementioned institutions and the list of candidates eligible to take the exam to recruit ranking notified our Company. Turkey reported to the Incorporation of the candidates by the Employment Agency, written-oral / interview initiated by the exam results in successful task.


To us via e-mail, creating fake user accounts through professional social networks, brands and using our logo, by organizing fake job acceptance letters and contracts on behalf of Turkey Petroleum reach the information that made attempts at fraud by making false job offers. Such methods are not used in our recruitment processes. Turkey Petroleum to make written and oral examinations in the recruitment process, one taken from a job applicant does not ask for money or work in any way. We recommend that you do not share your personal information in any way and make any payments and contact the judicial or law enforcement agencies in your country.