Extraction of oil or gas from suitable hydrocarbon resources that cannot be produced by traditional (or conventional) techniques is called unconventional method. Commercial production in the world using unconventional methods started in the Texas region of the United States in the early 2000s. Unconventional method is recognized as a milestone that changed many parameters, as it allows production from reserves that cannot be produced by traditional methods. These new methods, whose high potential was understood in a short time, were applied in North America, Central America, Europe, Australia and Far East Asia regions. In 2007, unconventional methods have been started to be used in Turkey.

In this perspective, TPAO aims to utilize unconventional techniques in order to contribute Turkey’s economic growth. TPAO successfully applies unconventional methods in order to unleash the potential of hydrocarbon reserves which cannot be extracted using conventional methods. TPAO has been applying unconventional methods successfully in Southeastern Anatolia and Thrace Regions in Turkey.

In 2014, drilling of Konacık-1 and Akçay-1 wells, which are considered to be suitable for using unconventional methods, was completed in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. In Konacık-1 well, 500 meters of horizontal drilling was done, then 42 API high gravity shale oil was extracted by hydraulic fracturing. Drilling of Gözalan-1 / K / M and Batı Bostanpınar-1 / R wells was completed in 2019. Hydraulic fracturing operation was started after approximately 1000 meters of horizontal drilling was done successfully in Gözalan-1 / K / M well. In the first quarter of 2020, fracturing operation is planned in Batı Bostanpınar-1 / R well.

In the Thrace Region, exploration activities for shale gas and concentrated sandstone gases continue. Drilling had been completed in Çeşmekolu-1 well in 2015 and Çakıcı-1 well in 2016, and hydraulic fracturing operations has been carried out in 2017. Drilling of Çeşmekolu-2 / S well was completed at 4750 metres in 2019, and hydraulic fracturing operation has been planned for 2020.

In accordance with our national energy policy, TPAO continues to work uninterruptedly by utilizing all the means of technology to reveal the hydrocarbon potential of our country. Our main goal is to contribute to the goal of reducing our country's dependence on foreign energy. Our aim in these activities, is to extract hydrocarbon from the resources that could not be extracted before by using unconventional methods.

As TPAO, we carry out all kinds of work in the unconventional field not only within our partnership but also with joint projects with other institutions and organizations. In this context, a cooperation protocol was signed in November 2018 between TPAO and Türkiye Taşkömürü Kurumu (TTK) in order to explore the potential of Zonguldak coal and coal gas. For introduction of coal gas in Zonguldak to our country's economy, technical support is still provided to the TTK.